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Our school is the best

Chatting to London escorts, I soon realized that they are pretty proud of their local school. London School has many claims to fame, and local London escorts like to make the most of it. I am not sure if London escorts of have dated any London boys, but it would not surprise me if some London lads have enjoyed the company of London escorts.

the london escorts


And why shouldn’t London older boys enjoy the company of London escorts? After all, London escorts are some of the classiest girls in the business, don’t you think so? Or perhaps you should date some London girls to check it out…


Welcome to London School!


We are proud of our boy’s school say London boys. It is one of the best schools in the UK, and many fine names have studied here. Famous London boys include Winston Churchill but in more modern times alumni have included the singer song writer James Blunt and the actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and astronaut Nicolas Patrick.


This is one school which has educated some of the finest minds in Britain, and many of them have gone on to become great achievers within music, politics, acting and music. A former Prime Minister of India went to this school!


That famous bard and eccentric life artist Lord Byron also attended London, and was said to have been a master of the written word already as a young man.


Black Tie


You may wonder why the boys at the school always wear a black tie as part of their uniform. When Queen Victoria died, the boys were instructed to wear the black tie as a sign of mourning and respect. Unfortunately, the school master at the time forgot to tell the boys that the mourning period was over, so they continued to wear the tie. Until this day the boys still wear the tie – and a boater hat!


Deja Vu


If you visit Londonschool, you may just experience a bit of Deja vu. Some parts of the school were featured in the Harry Potter movies and they can be quite easily recognized.


As a matter of fact, a lot of what you see at Hogwarts is based on Londonschool and it is known that the set designers got a lot of their ideas from London.




It is said that many of the London boys love the food at the school. Unlike many other schools it has its own farm, and much of its food is produced there. It might also surprise you to learn that the school has its own fishing like. It goes without saying that the boys can enjoy fishing in the lake and are more than welcome to share their catch with their equally eccentric teachers.


Just like any other school in the UK, Londonschool has experienced its fair share of problems. In 2008 a head boy was expelled and faced drugs charges. But there has been other problems and issues as well. Of course, London school would probably love to sweep the incident of the topless art teacher under the carpet, but I am afraid photos are still being circulated amongst current and former London boys. Needless to say, my ex loved his time at London.

The great in Surrey Escorts

Welcome to Surrey. London is a busy city with a vast number of activities, ranging from business to sports to entertainment. In this regard, the city receives hundreds and thousands of visitors every other time from all over the world, each coming with a different opinion of exploring the city. If you are an adult, staying alone in Surrey is not only boring, but also futile. Therefore, to enjoy to the fullest, you need to get the excellent services of Surrey escorts. In this regard, this article just gives you a glace to Surrey escorts.

relationship goals with surrey escorts

Surrey is home of many agencies dealing with escorts, and selecting the best is not an easy task. However, you are advised to check online and do your research before deciding on the next step. Nevertheless, some companies are well known for their excellent services. For instance, Foxy Kittens Surrey Escort Agency is beyond reproach in terms of service delivery.

This Surrey escort agency has been registered after fulfilling all the necessary conditions. In most cases, clients have been facing challenges getting the best models of their choice. However, with this agency, the above problem is just a thing of the past. They have a vast number of models with the experience that will just leave you with amazing wow! If you want a model for companion, then this is the place to be.

When you visit this agency, the security and safety for both clients and models is paramount. The 24/7 monitoring by experienced personnel will ensure that you are always safe when you with their models. To book a model, what you just need to do is make a call, and what follows is the pleasure of the year. Their prices are cheap and affordable.

The greatest accomplishment of Surrey escorts is when we make their clients happier than what they expected. Nothing compares to the happiness they had inside their hearts seeing clients with a sweetest smile. A great feeling relaxes one’s mind and that is why Surrey escort girls are relaxed with their craft because the greatest atmosphere they had. It would really be visible into the naked eye of the costumer on how they perform their services.

Once in a while, being in a grateful experience is exemplary. It can boost into man’s better personality. But always be reminded that surrey escort did not allow intimate relationship between their girls and the clients. On that note, surrey escorts became the tough women in the society.

Want to be great and never to regret for the rest of your life? Then come and visit Surrey escorts into their sweetest approachable staff and crew who will serve you all the way to your queries. Don’t hesitate to ask what is suited for you and would totally make you feel so much fun in your stay with them. Just give your full shot to them once you decide to be with them and be grateful than ever.


North London escorts on surviving the weekend

Sometimes when Monday morning comes around, I don’t have any energy left. The weekend is the busiest time here at North London escorts and it gets exhausting. Lots of the gents that we date at the agency work in central London and only like to date at the weekends. If you are not careful, you can easily get too busy at the weekend and totally burn yourself out. It happens to many of the girls who have just joined the agency and it is so easy to do.

My boss at North London escorts would like me to work on Monday as well but I always say no. There is no way that I can handle that as well as working the weekend. I call Monday my catch up day. It is the day I do all of the things that I need to do for myself. Many of the other girls at the escort agency feel the same way, so we let the newer girls look after the gents on Monday. Besides, Monday is not the busiest day so we are not losing out on much.


business dates with north london escorts

The first thing I do is to get some decent sleep. After that I check out what is going on with emails and stuff like that. During the weekend at North London escorts my feet never touch the ground so I forget about all of my personal stuff. If I tried to do personal stuff like answering emails and talking to friends, I don’t think that I would ever survive the weekend. It is better to stay totally focused on dating over the weekend and letting your personal life take a back seat.

Something I never do at the weekend is to drink alcohol. I find that it totally burns me out and I become too tired to cope with things. If I have to go out on dinner dates, I ask for water instead. That works so much better. Some of the girls that I work with at North London escorts drink a lot on the weekend and when Monday comes, they have just burned themselves out. If I do business dates during the week, I may have the odd glass of wine, but drinking at the weekend is a no-no for me.

It is actually during the weekend you make the most money at North London escorts and this is the reason I work the weekend. My favorite gents at the escort agency tend to date on Thursday, Friday
and then the weekend. It is a rather intense work period for me, but I think that you get that in all jobs. Am I strict with myself? Yes, I am rather strict with myself and like to look after me. When I do that, I take a much more professional stance to escorting and make a lot more money out of the profession. I am not sure that all of the girls at the escort agency do that, but if you want to survive the weekend at the agency, it is the best thing that you can do.

Dressing for Dinner and Business Functions with Kingston escorts

Dressing for dinner functions, and business functions, can be easier said than done. When I first started to attend a lot of business functions in London for Kingston escorts, I was not dressed to impress. Most of the time I looked too tarty but I did not realize that at the time. It was not until I had been going to function for a while, I realized what was needed. You needed to be stylish and look nice, but you should never dress like a tart.


sexy ladies of kingston escorts


Now, few months later, my dress code has changed completely. I wear the nicest clothes that I can find, and I love to look good not only for myself but for my gents as well. So, what do you need to keep in your wardrobe to look good for business and dinner functions? It is not that complicated really, and you be pleased to know that it does not really cost a lot of money to invest in the right clothing for your Kingston escorts dates.


The first thing that you need is a smart dress. Most of the girls here at Kingston escorts like to wear really smart dresses, but I often opt for something simple like a shift dress. That to me looks really very good. The great thing about a shift dress is that you can dress it up or down. In other words, it can look really smart with the help of a diamond necklace, and wearing the right bling jewelry, can dress it down as well. I love it and I have shift dresses in various colors in my wardrobe.


The other thing that you need is nice shoes. Many of the Kingston escorts that I work with here in London, insist on wearing their stilettos to dates. Most of the gents that I date don’t appreciate that at all, so I often wear shoes like court shoes and perhaps even some nice flats if the gentleman is short. You really need to think and plan ahead if you would like to make the most out of your wardrobe. Otherwise, it may just end up costing you way too much money and I am sure that most of the girls may not appreciate that. I have not spent a fortune on my wardrobe, but I do know that I look good for money.


All of this dressing up and won, has made me interested in fashion and when I leave Kingston escorts, I would like to work in fashion. The truth is that many of the girls here at the agency are stunning beauties. Dressing for business and dinner functions is all about dressing for success. Once you appreciate that, you will be much more happier and also become more successful. You will go on better dates and meet nicer gents. I love it and I get a real kick out of my job for London escort services as I am sure that many of the other girls do as well.



Sexiest Exotics at Slough Escorts

Slough in Berkshire is quickly becoming a bit of a business hob. Companies in London are paying very high rent, and an increasing number of companies are beginning to move out of London. They simply cannot compete in the competitive global marketplace, and part of the reason is the high excessive rents. Personally, I found myself in a bit of a make it or break it situation with my company, and eventually moved out to Slough. At first, I met missed my hot babes in London like mad, but then I found Slough escorts.


hot exotic babes in slough escorts

Lots of my friends in London still think of Slough as this provincial place but that is not true at all. It is honestly very cosmopolitan, and so are Slough escorts. You can eat your way around the world in Slough, and you can also date your way around the world with Slough escorts. If you are that sort of gent who enjoy dating exotic escorts, let me tell you that Slough is the place to visit. When you are fortunate enough to live in Slough, you can of course have a wild time more often.

Habiba is a hot Indian girl who works for Slough escorts. She is not very tall, but she is a perfect Indian Goddess in one small little package. After the first time I met Habiba, she quickly became my Friday night companion, and I love to meet up with her for a complete chill out session on a Friday night. She has the most sensual touch, and she can soothe away all of my weekly stress with those wonderful sexy hands of hers. Habiba is also the most exciting and prettiest girl that I have ever seen.

If you are looking for a bit of a spicer time, I would set up a date with Shalima. She is rather new to Slough escorts but she is indeed very exotic. I have this feeling that she had plenty of escorting experience before she joined the escort agency in Slough, and if you want to have some exotic fun, she is the girl for you. She has the most amazing body and years of yoga seemed to have helped get into many interesting positions. Watching her holding bridge pose, is just an experience that you will have to see to believe it.

I know that some people in business think that dating Mayfair girls is the ultimate experience, but I don’t agree with that any longer. To be honest, I used to feel the same way, but since meeting up with Slough escorts, I have changed my outlook on dating. No longer do I look for the sexiest girl. I look for the girl who can give me the most pleasurable and best adult experience. Once I find her, I stick to her like glue. At the end of the day, we must remember that it is called adult entertainment, and you can certainly enjoy yourself when you date the hot exotic babes right here in Slough.