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Give me a chance

Starting off with a London escorts service is not easy. Lots of girls come to London every year hoping to hit the big time. Many of them like to be models, but after a little while, they do find out that it is not easy to break into the London modelling world. Thousands of girls end up going home every year, and those who don’t, often try to beak into the London escort service. The truth is that the London escort service like may be more profitable than trying to establish a modelling career in London.

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One of the first thing that you will find out about London, is that it is a very expensive capital to live in. All capitals around the world are fairly expensive, but London certainly stands out from the crowd. You will notice that rents are high and even travelling around London can be very expensive. Making ends meet at the end of the month may not be as easy as you first thought that it would be.

Does working for London escorts guarantee a high income? In recent years, the London escort service has become a very competitive industry. More and more agencies have sprung up in London, but it is still hard to find a job as a London escort. Agencies in all parts of London tend to look for experienced escorts and that is where the problem starts. Getting a break is not that easy for girls who are new to escorting.

If you are looking to start a career as a London escort, it is important to appreciate that most London escorts services who are likely to take on new starters, are based in North London. There is no way that you are going to start to date as an elite escort straight away, so it is vital to realize that you will have to work for it. By all means ask the leading central London agencies, but they will more than likely say no and ask for someone with experiencing in looking after gents.

Should I become an independent London escort? It may be tempting to rush in and set up as an independent London escort, but you may not get very far that way. Most gents who like to date London escorts like to use an agency. They know that many of the girls who work for an agency have been vetted and work to a certain standard. Once you have built up a dating diary you may want to go down that route. But remember, marketing and promoting your service is very important. That is not easy to do when you are working on your own. The best way to work as a London escort, is always to work for an escort agency in London. You will probably be a lot more successful, and at the same time, you will be looked after by the agency. This is something that most London escorts recognize as being important.

How London Escorts Have Fun

Working for London escorts is not all hard work and no fun. Yes, most of us girls here at London escorts do work really long hours but we like to have fun as well. We are are actually really lucky, and I have to say that we probably earn more money that many other girls in London. But that does not mean that all our earnings our tax free. Lots of people seem to think that London escorts do not pay their way in life, but we certainly do. All of the girls that I know certainly pay their taxes.

But, once I have put aside enough money for all of my expense, I do like to have some fun. Like most of the other girls who work for London escorts, I like to indulge in a little bit of shopping. London is a great place to go shopping and I do like to treat myself. I cannot say that I go shopping with my friends from London escorts every week, but I do like to go shopping about once a month. It is just nice to be able to treat yourself.

Okay, I am not really addicted to shopping, but I am addicted to beauty treatments. We have some great day spas here in London and I love to visit them. For most London escorts it is a real treat to go to the spa. Not only do we get a chance to look good for our gents, but we also get a chance to spoil ourselves. I love special treatments and the Elemis Day Spa is my favorite place. They have new floor installed now, and a group of us from London escorts like to book it up to spoil ourselves. Yes, we do look and feel fantastic afterwards.

Nightclubbing is really not my sort of thing. I know that loads of girls from London escorts do go, but I like to go out for a meal instead. Hanging out with my other friends from London escorts is great, but I prefer to have a nice meal then to have loud music blaring at me all of the time. That is not really my sort of thing at all I am afraid. After having a drink spiked once, I have rather gone off clubbing.

London is just such a great place and there are tons of fun things you can do. Not everything has to cost a fortune and that is what is so great about it. I just love hanging out in London, and sometimes it is just nice to sit down and enjoy a coffee. The best fun of all that you can have in London is people watching. That is one activity that I really like to indulge in. A whole group of us from London escorts actually like to people watch and we call ourselves “the Watchers”. Nothing like a little bit of gossip, a nice coffee and bit of people watching. Beware, you never know who is watching you…

Colchester Escorts on Buying Brands

Are you a brand buyer? It seems that the Brits are becoming big brand buyers. We seemed to have become just as fascinated by brands as the Americans, and now when we go shopping, we look out for deals on brands. But, are brands any better? The girls from Colchester escorts are not so sure that brands are better or offer better value for money. Are you just paying for a name or are you paying for a quality product? It is not easy to know if it is worth spending your money on buying and investing in brands.


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Sara from Colchester escorts says that she does a little bit of both. There are some brands that Sara really likes. For instance when she goes supermarket shopping, she often focuses on buy certain brands item. “I always buy things like washing powder and cleaning products from brand manufacturers” says Sara. I find that they work a lot better than many of the supermarkets own brands, and I like to keep the place clean in a decent way. But, there are certain things like cereal that I never by from brand manufacturers.


I buy clothes from big brands, says Amy from Colchester escorts. It started about six years ago when I really got into going to the gym. I bought my first Reebok sweatshirt and I still have it today. It has not changed color at all, and on top of that, it is just as nice and soft. I now buy all of my sports gear from brand manufacturers, and that is paying off for me. Yes, I could pay sports gear in places like Lidl and Aldi, but I am not so sure that it would last.


For me, it is all about shoes says Tian from Colchester escorts. So many girls do not buy quality shoes but I feel that I always have to. It started when I was about 15 years old and bought a pair of designer shoes. They made a huge difference to my feet and I was forever wearing. Ever since then I have become addicted to brand shoes and I buy them all of the time. They are much more comfortable to walk in and they do last. I think they are worth the extra money you pay for them, and I am sure that a lot of ladies would agree with me.


Anything from brand breakfast cereals to designer handbags is available to us today. We buy more and more brands, and look out for the best value for money when it comes to brand buying. Like the girls at Colchester escorts say, many brands are better value for money. Sometimes a cheap item such a pair of cheap shoes, do not last as long. Most of us have our own personal brand fetishes that we are into. It can be jogging bottoms, perfume or shoes – basically whatever you think is good value for money. The choice is yours, and there are lots of brands out there competing for your business.


Are beauty magazines bad for you?

I have been working for north London escorts I have started to think that beauty magazines might be bad for you. I think that a lot of women strive to look like the girls in the beauty magazines but they don’t make it. Instead of feeling good about themselves, they start to feel bad about themselves. They think that they are not the perfect weight, or even have got the right complexion. It is really not on and I think that journalists who work in this field should be more responsible. Instead of making women feel bad about themselves, they should aim to make women feel good about themselves.

North London Escorts Beauties

North London Escorts Beauties

A lot of my girlfriends here at north London escorts agree with me. It is not only the beauty aspect of these magazines which is bad. If you start looking at these magazines, you will also notice that they promote the most expensive products. For instance, I don’t that I have seen a handbag for less than £100 in these magazines. Now tell me, how many girls can afford to spend £100 on a handbag let alone £1,000. It is all crazy, and I have to say that I think they have poor morals.

Personally, I would like to see more beauty magazines that celebrate natural beauty. Lots of gents date north London escorts because we look great. They have sort of fantasies about what they think women should look like, and they get from a lot of beauty magazines. Real women are not found on front covers. They are much more likely to be found pushing a trolley around Tesco with a screaming kid, or trying to balance the household budget. I am sure that these are the real super heroes of our time.

Speaking to some of these chaps that we meet at north London escorts, it is obvious that they don’t really appreciate what they have at all. I would like to think that will change, but I doubt it ever will. Most of them have really high flying jobs, and they expect to be waited on hand and foot when they come home. Well, if you are a stressed out housewife with a couple of kids, you may not be up for that at all. I know that it is hard to understand but I do feel that a lot of gents need to get much more involved.

When I was a little girl, my mom was at home with us. She never went back to work until I was 13 and that was great. My parents have always appreciated each other. I would like to think that when I one day leave north London escorts to start my own family, I will be appreciated by my husband. It works both ways and I will do my utmost to love and support my husband as well. Working here at the agency has taught me a lot about human nature, and I am sure that I am not the only girl here who appreciates my lesson.

New Trend of Pole Dancing Escorts

Being a working professional in real estate, I must confess I love to treat myself by going out with gorgeous London escorts my favourite site is There’s a new trend of pole dancing escorts in Canary Wharf that I simply can’t ignore.

I have my favourites. Rhonda is a sexy blonde that typically schedules time for me on Tuesday nights. Charlene is my Saturday night special that has long legs and an ass you dream about.

But recently I noticed a new trend of pole dancing London escorts that are far more fit than my usual girls. I’m talking about six-pack abs, lean legs and breasts that jump out at you. They make you fantasise about being young and rock hard going all night.

Last week I found a young girl named Stacy. She is 22 and escorts in London part-time while attending dental school. Normally, I like to choose girls that have a clean, healthy look. Stacy is 5′ 4″ with a cute smile. Her long blonde hair is shoulder-length and smells amazingly like a hint of peppermint.

I was having drinks with clients at a local London dance club called Teeto’s the other night. Often I’ll bring them there to close deals after drinks. Stacy sauntered up on stage at 10p to impress us with her golden pole performance.

Now I’ve seen many escorts strut their stuff past me. Usually I’ve had a few drinks so I’m not too selective. However, what caught my attention is Stacy has a sexy tattoo on her right inner thigh. Normally I don’t go for Canary Wharf escorts covered with ink. It’s risky and I wonder about the diseases you hear about in tattoo parlours.

After Stacy finished she walked over to our table. Believe me, there’s dozens of London escorts that notice me at Teeto’s every time I entertain here. But she was different. Almost a girl next door look as if she wasn’t interested in selling her time for a few hundred bucks.

Leaning into me, she whispered something I’ve never heard from any London escorts, “I want you inside of me right now.” Normally these girls think about nothing else except the cash. She was different.

It was as if she was more interested in me than my wallet. I know she’s a working girl and if we do find the time to hit the sack, I’ll be paying her £200 an hour.

I smiled back at her and gave her my card. She ran her fingers across my neck walking over the bar. Because I was with clients, it wasn’t the best time to pursue her that night. Money comes first. Then comes young girls that look as sexy as Stacy.

We all know girls this gorgeous come with a price tag. But when one takes a genuine interest in you, it’s tough to ignore. Her pole dancing techniques are by far more sexy than the usual thirty-something girls desperate for the cash. I plan to come back tomorrow night alone to see if Stacy and I can spend some time together.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.